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Order your wine

Glad you want to order your wine. Astrid's carefully selected wines will not disappoint. Follow the steps below to order your wine. 

It is required that you have an account with Systembolaget.


1. If you are missing it, click here

2. Then go to Systembolaget's Private Import: Click here

3. Select your store ´Continue´

4. Choose a Swedish seller: Astrid Wine AB

5. Save and continue.

6. Add drink - Name of the drink: Here you write the name of the bottle / wine - these can be found under each producer.

7. Type of drink:

Packing: Bottle  or Drawer. Volume: 750 cl or the total volume of the drawer ((2250 for a drawer with 3 bottles)

8. Quantity: Enter the desired number of bottles or number of boxes (In pcs for a Champagne box)

9.  Add drink

When you have added all the bottles / boxes, click on save and send in the request.

NOTE! Free shipping within Skåne. Other country  addition  freight  according to agreement 31b55

Dancing kvinna
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