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Each box has its own unique order number

The champagne box

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AD Coutealas: Origin

The entry champagne which with a message shows the quality of the house. Full-bodied taste with hints of zest. Lovely lingering finish

Champagne J Lassalle: Cuvee Preference

Healthy, well-balanced champagne that nicely shows the producer's elegance

Louis De Sacy Champagne: Cuvee Originel

A champagne whose grapes are derived from old beautiful logs. Bready and fruity as a champagne should be!

adcoutelas orgin.png


Ad Coutelas

j lasalle preference_edited.png


Champagne J. Lasalle

cuvee-originel-brut-300x300 luis de sacy.png


Louis De Sacy

Wine boxes

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Each box has its own unique order number

The Piedmont box

lange pentita_edited (1).webp

nebbiolo 2019

LÁstemia Penitita

Vietto Dolcetto Bricco Pavia_edited.png

Azienda Agricola Vietto


Barbera d alba vigna pianromualdo

Azienda Agrilcola Rocca Giovanni

L Astemia Pentita: Nebbiolo 2019

Intense red with a floral attractive scent. The taste is warm and plentiful which comes in from 12  months on "tonneaux" ie large traditional oak barrels made of French oak. 

Viita Agricola Vietto: Dolcetto dÁlba 2020

Bright red with violet insert. A really fresh light wine. Suitable for lighter dishes such as pasta or as company in the conversation

Azienda Agricola Rocca Giovanni: Barbera dÁlba Pianromualdo

This wine goes well with the charcuterie tray, the olives and the cheeses! Dark red berries full-bodied and with a lovely character. 

Dolcetto dálba 2020

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